Loktantra and Ground Reality

In view of these unwarranted events, for average Nepalese, a change in political leadership and declaration of Loktantra is yet to bear any significant fruit. By Chattra Bahadur Officially Baisakh 11, 2064 was declared as Loktantra Diwas and the celebrations were spread over three days. The leaders of major political parties took an opportunity toContinue reading “Loktantra and Ground Reality”

A Year of Democracy (Loktantra) in Nepal

Leading the nation to the Constituent Assembly election by addressing demands raised by various interest groups and move the peace process forward are the two biggest challenges for this year. We have come a long way in the past 12 months. The peace process, started immediately after the successful peoples’ movement (April Revolution), is alsoContinue reading “A Year of Democracy (Loktantra) in Nepal”

YCL Intimidation and IDP Voices

A relative came from village yesterday and he was watching TV bulletin in the evening while giving us latest about the village. There came the news about YCL, Young Communist League, the new sister organization of the Maoist party. “Yeh…yo YCL le ta manchhe kutchha hai,” the visitor promptly commented. “Dyam ka dyam thokchha. NayaContinue reading “YCL Intimidation and IDP Voices”

Deferral of the CA Elections: Pragmatic Decision or Political Crisis?

By Prakash Bom What is the primary objective of the CA Elections? Are political leaders clear about it? If so, have they made it clear to their party cadres and their supporters in general public? CA elections are the elections that all political parties of the nation and the general public must be aware ofContinue reading “Deferral of the CA Elections: Pragmatic Decision or Political Crisis?”

CA Election Uncertainty: Maoist Reaction

In protest of the Chief Election Commissioner’s announcement that Constituent Assembly (CA) polls on June 20 was not possible, Maoist combatants in Chitwan and Nawalparasi came out of their cantonments yesterday. In Chitwan, Maoist combatants of third division main cantonment in Shaktikhor, came out of their camps to protest the postponing of CA polls. AccordingContinue reading “CA Election Uncertainty: Maoist Reaction”

First Day of the Year 2064. But Jumla Shines!

The uncertainty over the CA elections and reactions to that decision of the Election Commission dominated the first day of the year in Nepal. Reaction from political parties are coming one after another regarding the Election Commissions expression of inability to hold election on stipulated time (June 20). Sher Bahadur ‘Royalist’ Deuba is one ofContinue reading “First Day of the Year 2064. But Jumla Shines!”