Portfolio Seniority Dispute Derails Interim Government Formation

Contrary to widespread expectations, the interim government couldn’t be formed today because of the UML introduced seniority bargain. Who is senior between Ramchandra Poudel and Sahana Pradhan? Who should come first in the cabinet list? [We mentioned RC’s name first based on alphabetical order, by the way.] Nepali Congress thinks its general secretary is seniorContinue reading “Portfolio Seniority Dispute Derails Interim Government Formation”

Common Minimum Program of Interim Government of Nepal

Political parties (members of Seven Party Alliance and the Maoist) yesterday (30 March) finalized the Common Minimum Program (CMP) of the interim government that will be formed today. The leaders also gave final touches to the code of conduct for ministers, a commitment paper for creating a conducive atmosphere for elections and guidelines for theContinue reading “Common Minimum Program of Interim Government of Nepal”