Gaur Killing: Sign of Civil War in Nepal?

Provoking the Maoists in such a horrendous manner in Gaur is definitely a part of the royalist strategy to derail the peace process. This is very much crucial: Maoists must maintain restrain and cooperate with the authorities to bring the situation in control. Maoist leader Dev Gurung told us that his party would go forContinue reading “Gaur Killing: Sign of Civil War in Nepal?”

The End Game: Maoists Fail to Abide by the Peace Agreement

Maoists are unquestionably the primary political party in the alliance. Unfortunately the violence and brutality perpetuated by them has not subsided. Going by the government’s lack of policy, the indications are that in any event, the Maoist will capture state power- either through forcing fraudulent elections or by brewing public discontent against the government. ByContinue reading “The End Game: Maoists Fail to Abide by the Peace Agreement”

Maoist Leader Suresh Ale Magar On Woodland Incident

By Neil Horning [Inside: Agitating Business Leaders Meet PM] This is a brief phone interview with Suresh Ale Magar, a Maoist Member of Parliament. He was a founding member of the Federation of Indigenousness Nationalities and a lecture of English in Tribhuwan University for 17 years. About 3 years ago he was captured by IndianContinue reading “Maoist Leader Suresh Ale Magar On Woodland Incident”