HAPPY HOLI!! (The Threats and Joys)

[Blogmandu: A hilarious Prachanda Parody in front of the leader himself. Article in Nepali. Click on the link. नक्कली प्रचन्डले सक्कलीलाई हसाउदा]

By Zade
Zade Express

I was a little girl, five most probably. She was in Grade one while my sister was smaller still. Face? I don’t remember, nor the dress (which I generally do). But I bet we made a cute gang of three. It was Holi.

Holi-water: The game. By Bikas Karki

We hit a pedestrian with a lola the bossy biggies had given us. I have blurred memories of the event. So, don’t exactly remember if it was the victim or another gentleman but someone came to us and told us “Baato ma hindirako manchelai hirkaune hunna”. The three of us ran back home, scared vowing “Abadekhi nahenne hai!” (We won’t do that from now onwards.) Fighters that was what we were but very obedient then (an extremely rare trait in the kids that age these days!). Ha ha ha. That’s my oldest memory of Holi.

Then it was hostel. Holi, though a holiday wasn’t “Home Going” day as the rest for many years. She’d just smear the red color on our cheeks and it was over. I’ve never celebrated “Holi” but once. And I’d love to share something about that. How about digitizing “that” experience! Let me type what I‘ve written on my diary that day in history hai: Continue reading HAPPY HOLI!! (The Threats and Joys)