Nepali Maoist: Ignorant or Arrogant?

Armed Maoist guerillas in a marketplace in Gaighat yesterday. Displaying arms in public like this is against the peace agreement they signed. Plus, the vehicle they were using didn’t have license plate. Pic by Rameshchandra Adhikari Sometime these Maoists really make me wonder about them. It feels like they are a confused lot or ignorantContinue reading “Nepali Maoist: Ignorant or Arrogant?”

On the National Flag of Nepal

Some Nepali people think the current national flag of Nepal, triangular and only such in the world, needs to be changed while others think it’s unique and it’s okay. UWB received an article by Prakash Bom about the necessity of the new flag and a photo of “a model flag for the People’s Republic ofContinue reading “On the National Flag of Nepal”