Portfolio Seniority Dispute Derails Interim Government Formation

Contrary to widespread expectations, the interim government couldn’t be formed today because of the UML introduced seniority bargain. Who is senior between Ramchandra Poudel and Sahana Pradhan? Who should come first in the cabinet list? [We mentioned RC’s name first based on alphabetical order, by the way.] Nepali Congress thinks its general secretary is seniorContinue reading “Portfolio Seniority Dispute Derails Interim Government Formation”

Common Minimum Program of Interim Government of Nepal

Political parties (members of Seven Party Alliance and the Maoist) yesterday (30 March) finalized the Common Minimum Program (CMP) of the interim government that will be formed today. The leaders also gave final touches to the code of conduct for ministers, a commitment paper for creating a conducive atmosphere for elections and guidelines for theContinue reading “Common Minimum Program of Interim Government of Nepal”

After Fighting For 10 Years, Maoists in Nepal are Hours Away From Joining Government

Finally, political parties have won the ‘fight for the balance of power’. Or have they? By Dinesh Wagle Paulo Coelho might have no idea at all about Nepali politics but his lines in the best selling “The Alchemist” tell all about the current situation in the Himalayan nation. Here I extract a paragraph from theContinue reading “After Fighting For 10 Years, Maoists in Nepal are Hours Away From Joining Government”

Election Commission Invites Parties to Register

30 March: Even as uncertainties rule over the exact date of the election of the Constituent Assembly, the Election Commission today invited the political parties who want to contest in the Constituent Assembly elections to register themselves at the commission. At a press conference organised in the capital today, EC officials said the process ofContinue reading “Election Commission Invites Parties to Register”

Exposed: Indian Group Behind MPRF

The local administration claims that yesterday’s sit-in protest by Seema Jagaran Manch of Bihar (India) on Indian side of the border supporting MPRF was enough to justify the earlier suspicion of infiltration of Indian nationals in rallies organized here by MPRF in the past. By Binod Bhandari and Bhim Ghimire BIRATNAGAR- At a time whenContinue reading “Exposed: Indian Group Behind MPRF”

Nepali in Transition: Updates on Political Developments

Bargainings for portfolios continue. Here is the latest along with what pro-Maoist newspaper like Janadesh and pro-UML paper Drishti say. Plus, Jana Astha weekly on Gyanendra’s blatant ignorance to the government investigation By Dinesh Wagle The politics in Kathmandu is focused in forming the interim government in which Maoists are expected to join. Talks betweenContinue reading “Nepali in Transition: Updates on Political Developments”

Buddha Boy Update: Ram Bahadur Bomjon Now Meditating in Pit

28 March: Ram Bahadur Bomjon, popularly known as the “Buddha Boy”, who stole the limelight after spending months in meditation, reportedly without food and water, has been found again, meditating inside a pit dug underground at Ratanpuri recently. Bomjon, who had started meditation under a Pipal tree in the village, had gone missing since MarchContinue reading “Buddha Boy Update: Ram Bahadur Bomjon Now Meditating in Pit”