Maoists in Bullying Spree: What is the Problem Comrades?

Apparently it’s a season of clashes for the Maoists. They are in the bullying spree as soon as it became clear to the world that they are not reporting all the weapons they have to the UN. They have clashed with members of an indigenous organization in Chitwan and bullied over the cadres associated with parties like Nepali Congress and CPN UML. But the most disturbing event was seen in Rupandehi today where Maoists and Madhesi People’s Rights Forum (MPRF) activists fought. The leader of MPRF, Upendra Yadav, is not a person with his own decision. He is a puppet of some unseen forces and is doing a lot of harm to Nepali nationalism by staging one agitation after another and disregarding the offer made by the Prime Minister.

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Cartoon by Dovan Rai. Uploaded in 27 Feb

Who is encouraging Updenra to go back to the streets of Terai is the one who will benefit the most if the problem in Terai turns into worst. Generals like Dilip Shumser Rana are still there in Nepali Army who will take no time to act for the interests such force. India didn’t want to revise the Trade treaty and their brat soldiers entering our territory and beating up our policemen. Sad but true, the Indian bureaucracy has never been a true friend of Nepal.

By now there is no doubt the Maoists want to push the CA election date because they were badly wounded, politically, in Terai during the recent unrest in the region. Irony is that reactionaries want exactly the same: pushing the election further to uncertainty. Maoists must realize that their actions will have long lasting repercussions for the stability of Nepal as a state. They shouldn’t give any excuses for puppets like Updenra Yadav to work for his masters. Nationality is at stake and it high time everyone behaved responsibly.

Maoists, MPRF cadres clash in Rupandehi

By Madhav Dhungana
Rupandehi- Over a dozen people were injured, one critically, after Maoist cadres and activists of the Madheshi People’s Rights Forum (MPRF) clashed at Majhgawa area of Marchwar in Rupandehi today. Four police personnel were also injured in an attempt to break up the fight between the Maoists and the forum members. Condition of Police Sub Inspector Gunj Bahadur Gurung, who was seriously injured when a gun went off accidentally in the ensuing chaos, is critical. Gurung was immediately flown to Kathmandu from Bhairahawa for treatment. Meanwhile, police said that Gurung received injuries after one of their own guns went off by mistake.

Tensions have soared high in the region after the Maoists sent more cadres in the region. The scuffle had started after the forum activists torched a passenger bus (Lu 1 Kha 4162) ferrying Maoist cadres to Butwal where a mass meeting of the CPN-M was schedule to take place in addition to blocking traffic in the Majhgawa area where the incident occurred. Forum members had brought all traffic to a halt by felling trees near the site of the arson. Meanwhile, some 10 Maoists who were injured in the scuffle are undergoing treatment at a Medical College in Bhairahawa. (more here)

Other Disappointing Headlines:

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Maoists assault NC, UML-affiliate workers
Maoists release 94 MPRF cadres from custody
NA detains eight armed Maoists at Bardiya reserve
Indian SSB personnel arrest two Nepali youths from Janakpur
No revision on Trade Treaty
Govt calls MPRF for talks again; only if Sitaula resigns, says MPRF
Indian Army claim on Maoist-Lashkar nexus fictitious: Indian media

Maoist in Nepal: 30,852 Guerillas, 3,428 Weapons. Really???

Now the questions are: Only that much? How could that be? Are you honest Maoist comrades?

For the record: The United Nations Mission in Nepal (UNMIN) yesterday revealed that a total of 30,852 People’s Liberation Army [of Communist Party of Maoist] militants were registered at the seven main and 21 sub cantonments across the nation while 3,428 weapons were registered in the first phase of verification process monitored by the UNMIN.

The List:

91 mortars (55 of which were locally-made);
61 machine guns;
2,403 rifles;
61 automatic weapons (sub-machine guns);
114 side-arms;
212 shotguns;
253 various/miscellaneous; and
233 home-made weapons

These weapons were registered during the first phase of arms and armies registration. But the Nepal Army claims Maoists had looted 3,430 weapons where as according to UNMIN Maoists registered a total of 3,428 weapons.

The UNMIL figure also includes “524 weapons retained for perimeter security by designated guards, in accordance with the Agreement on Monitoring of the Management of Arms and Armies (4.1.2), and 49 of the weapons are so far retained away from the cantonments, pending an understanding with the Government on arrangements for personal security of leaders,” the release stated. Meanwhile, the UNMIN also said that the number of weapons registered falls short of the number purported by the Maoists to have been commandeered from the security forces.

“The Nepal Army had made available to UNMIN a breakdown by types of 3,430 weapons which it states were taken from the Nepal Army, the Nepal Police and the Armed Police Force,” the UNMIN release said adding that the UNMIN is in the process of registering members of the Maoist army currently engaged in leadership security arrangements or undergoing medical treatment outside the cantonment sites.

The second phase of the arms registration process would begin by mid-March, UNMIN said. “Brief details of each combatant have been recorded at the first stage of registration, but have not been verified; each has been photographed and issued with an identity card with a UN bar code. Detailed information will be collected through individual interviews at the second stage of registration. The full modalities of the second stage process are under discussion in the JMCC, and it is expected to begin by mid-March,” the release stated.

Nepal Declaration of Girls of Even Worse Character

UWB Note: Tired of reading declarations of political parties and agitating organizations? Here is yet another declaration, which is not really boring, from our own Girls of Even Worse Character! [नेपालीमा यहाँ छ: चरित्रहीन चेलीहरूको नयाँ अवतार]

FEBRUARY 2007 DECLARATION of Jhan Charatraheen Cheli [Saturday Blog]

[Inside: A CharitrawanChela responds The text has some adult content. Reader discretion advised.]

We, a hardline faction of the underground group, Charitraheen Chelis (Girls of Bad Character), have broken off and declared Nepali women autonomous.

Our breakaway faction, Jhan Charitraheen Cheli (Girls of Even Worse Character), roundly denounces the members of the original Charitraheen Cheli.

“The chelis of our mau-samuha (mother-group) did not behave badly enough,” says one member of the Jhan Charitraheen Cheli. “Most of them are happily married, with well brought-up children. Two chelis have a steady boyfriend– meaning, one each, not one in common! And the others don’t like men, or even women,” she complains. “For example, after the 2005 coup they called for a sex boycott till the reinstatement of democracy – but they forgot to call off the boycott after April 2006! We take this as a grave conspiracy,” she adds, explaining, “That is why we had to break away and start our own underground group.”

The first meeting of the Jhan Charitraheen Cheli took place in mid February
in a seedy bar in Kathmandu.

Our first agenda was to revisit the 40 points’ declaration made by our mau-samuha on March 4, 2005, through their official mouthpieces, Nepali Times and Kantipur, both edited by dishy men. We discovered that the 40 points are pretty damn good, especially Point No. 1, which asserts our right to take up agendas solely on the basis of our wishes and needs.

“That mau-samuha wasn’t all bad,” one member was heard admitting.

After re-passing our mau-samuha’s 40 points’ declaration, we progressed on to other, more timely matters. Our twelve-point declarations are as follows:

1. Make love, not regression! We declare that the sex boycott called by our mau-samuha in 2005 is comprehensively over, retroactive to April 2006, but only for those of the loktantrik persuasion.

2. Vision 50/50: No penises in Parliament! We demand that until 50 percent of seats in Parliament are reserved for women of diverse backgrounds, women of diverse backgrounds should occupy all 100 percent of Parliamentary seats. The same goes for all government bodies! 50 percent or bust!

3. Naturalize foreign jwais! One of our brave chelis has volunteered to sacrifice her independence (temporarily) to marry a foreign man, only to seek full naturalization and citizenship rights for bideshi jwais (foreign sons-in-law). Qualified candidates, please apply with CV, photo and statistics.

4. 40 is better than 33! We applaud the CPN(M) for filling 40 percent of their Parliamentary seats with women. But why not 50 percent?

5. And what’s with the grey coats? We’ve noticed Maoist women open their mouths only to repeat the same carefully rehearsed party-approved lines. Ladies, we invite you to release your individuality from the party’s command. Speak your minds freely. Unleash yourself from all uniformity. Start by getting rid of those awful coats.

6. Whipping is for brutes! Women of all political parties, Defy all whips placed by your party denying women’s rights. Do not sacrifice our rights for ‘more important’ agendas set by your party’s men. You know they will only betray us, yet again.

7. New leadership for the New Nepal! We nominate Ram Kumari Jhankri as the first President of Nepal.

8. Turn the National Women’s Commission into a constitutional body! But first, fill 50 percent of the positions in the Constitutional Council (which forms all constitutional bodies) with women. If not, fill all 100 percent of the positions with women. It’s 50 percent or bust!

9. Hello? OHCHR? How many years before a single case comes to trial? We demand that the case over Maina Sunwar’s torture and murder in military custody be seen through properly. The case was filed with the Police, and they have tried to contact the Army; but 16 letters later, there has been no reply. Perhaps Ambassador Moriarty has insights from his tour of army barracks? Maybe he could try getting the Army to respond?

10. Don’t forget what makes the world go around! We unanimously declare the sexiest man in Nepal to be Sunil Babu Pant of the Blue Diamond Society.

11. Donors, back off! All your projects and networks and alliances and seminars are keeping our best women too busy to lead the women’s movement. Back off! Their country needs them more than your country reports do.

12. Give it up, give it up, give it up! We demand that all our demands be met by March 8, International Women’s Day, or else we will declare a nationwide chulo-ra-cholo bandh (stove-and-blouse closure). That’s right, boys: No food, and no sex for you. Nada. Zip. Nothing. No joy till you capitulate.

In conclusion, we would like to declare that – following the example of other successful rebel groups before us – we are fully prepared to come above-ground to take part in negotiations, should the government invite us for talks.

Jaya Nari!
*The Jhan Charitraheen Chelis*

UWB: Though we are not “official mouthpieces” of Jhan Charatraheen Cheli, we are pro- Jhan Charatraheen Cheli and thought of sharing the declaration here. Here is the text in Nepali that appeared in today’s Kantipur.