Maoists in Bullying Spree: What is the Problem Comrades?

Apparently it’s a season of clashes for the Maoists. They are in the bullying spree as soon as it became clear to the world that they are not reporting all the weapons they have to the UN. They have clashed with members of an indigenous organization in Chitwan and bullied over the cadres associated withContinue reading “Maoists in Bullying Spree: What is the Problem Comrades?”

Maoist in Nepal: 30,852 Guerillas, 3,428 Weapons. Really???

Now the questions are: Only that much? How could that be? Are you honest Maoist comrades? For the record: The United Nations Mission in Nepal (UNMIN) yesterday revealed that a total of 30,852 People’s Liberation Army [of Communist Party of Maoist] militants were registered at the seven main and 21 sub cantonments across the nationContinue reading “Maoist in Nepal: 30,852 Guerillas, 3,428 Weapons. Really???”

Nepal Declaration of Girls of Even Worse Character

UWB Note: Tired of reading declarations of political parties and agitating organizations? Here is yet another declaration, which is not really boring, from our own Girls of Even Worse Character! [नेपालीमा यहाँ छ: चरित्रहीन चेलीहरूको नयाँ अवतार] FEBRUARY 2007 DECLARATION of Jhan Charatraheen Cheli [Saturday Blog] [Inside: A CharitrawanChela responds The text has some adultContinue reading “Nepal Declaration of Girls of Even Worse Character”