EC to Nepal Govt.: Formulate Policies Soon

The Election Commission (EC) today urged the government of Nepal to formulate rules and regulations and to determine the election procedures for the Constituent Assembly (CA) elections as soon as possible. The commission said that the security situation must be strengthened and the government must extend the necessary assistance, adding that the EC couldn’t justContinue reading “EC to Nepal Govt.: Formulate Policies Soon”

Nepal Politics: Federal Setup After CA, Badal Says

CPN-Maoist leader Ram Bahadur Thapa (Badal) said that Nepal would go for a federal setup only after the Constituent Assembly elections. “Bringing in a federal system prior to the CA elections will be unfortunate and create dispute in the country,” Badal said, adding that issues of self-governance for the ethnic groups and autonomy were partContinue reading “Nepal Politics: Federal Setup After CA, Badal Says”