United States Will Continue Assistance in Nepal

Feb 7The US Treasury Department has decided to allow the US Department of State and USAID to continue their assistance to Nepal even after the Maoists join the government. According to a knowledgeable source, the Department of Treasury approved a license to the State Department and USAID to continue US assistance to Nepal on February 5 even after the Maoists join the interim government. The license also applies to contractors and grantees of the State Department and USAID.

Despite this decision, the Maoists will continue to remain in the State Department’s Terrorist list as the Designated Global Terrorist, a knowledgeable source said. The source further said license does not apply to American individuals or organization working in Nepal without grants or contracts.

“Those organizations and individuals will still be required to apply to the Treasury Department for their own license if they wish to provide goods, services, including advice, or funds to the Communist Party of Nepal-Maoists,” the source said. The Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) will continue to feature in the US list of terrorist organizations even after it joins the interim government, but the State Department will give clearance to US agencies working in Nepal to continue their operations.

Federal Governance Structure For Nepal: An Overview

Federal Governance Structure is Mandatory for Proportional Electoral System

By Prakash Bom
Please see the tables related to this article by clicking here: Table 1 and Table 2

SPA & Maoists are discussing about proportional electoral system more than focusing themselves on restructuring Nepal with federal governance structure. The proportional electoral system based on population might create further complications because this system must also consider other criteria such as human development and country’s geographical disproportional regions. If the political parties and ethnic groups seriously wish to establish ‘Federal Governance System’ then they must comprehend the principles of federalism and its structure fundamentals. It is easy to strive for it with protests and politicizing slogans but hard to conceive its structure for the nation. Nevertheless, it needs great deal of consultations, discussions and dialogues in the national and international level. Continue reading Federal Governance Structure For Nepal: An Overview

Terai Photo News: Madhesi Janadhikar Forum- Maoist Clash, Lathi Rallies

UWB Photo blog: Southern Nepal demonstrations For the record, images from Feb 6.

A Maoist cadre is taken to hospital in Bharatpur. She was injured in a clash with Madhesi Jajaadhikar Forum (MJF) Tuesday (6 Feb). 8 Maoist cadres were injured in the clash that took place in Parasi in the morning. Pics by Chetan Adhikari Continue reading Terai Photo News: Madhesi Janadhikar Forum- Maoist Clash, Lathi Rallies