Prachanda on TV: Reactionaries Stealing Our Slogans

A day after Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala’s appearance on TV, it was Maoist Chairman Prachanda’s turn today to face the media (which was broadcast live on at least on TV station in Kathmandu) and provide his version of what’s going on in Southern Nepal and Kathmandu. Naturally, Prachanda came heavily against “those elements” inContinue reading “Prachanda on TV: Reactionaries Stealing Our Slogans”

Population and Constituencies: Missing Flip Side of the Coin

On face value the demand for representation based on actual population in each district, as raised by various terai groups including ruling coalition member Nepal Sadbhavana Party, sounds justified. But amidst the heat of a terai in flames the flip side of the coin is being completely missed, and even facts are being distorted.The issueContinue reading “Population and Constituencies: Missing Flip Side of the Coin”

Madhes Violence: Identity Clash in Nepal

An Analysis by Conflict Study Center Contributors: Dr. Bishnu Pathak and Chitra Niraula (Assisted by Shankar Poudyal, Prem Prasad Pathk, Yahsoda Upreti and Krishna Sundar Thapa) Introduction Eight people have died and dozens have been injured in the sporadic violence in the eastern Madhes from January 19, 2007 initiated from Lahan Municipality in Siraha district,Continue reading “Madhes Violence: Identity Clash in Nepal”