Janajati Nepal Banda: Royalists in Charge (and Other Headlines)

Any idea who is Shekhar Gurung? I am sure you do know him. He came to limelight when Gyanendra’s autocracy was in climax. Shekhar Gurung was appointed the Zonal administrator, a post created by the royal regime to strengthen the autocratic hold in the state of affairs, for Bagmati Zone. With the restoration of democracyContinue reading “Janajati Nepal Banda: Royalists in Charge (and Other Headlines)”

Ethnic Assertion, Constituent Assembly Elections and Defensive Maoists

By Siddhartha Thapa Comment of the Moment (Originally posted here.) Even as the Terai starts to breathe again, various ethnic groups across the country have renewed their calls for further protests. The latest turmoil in the Terai is a direct consequence of the murky politics envisioned by the Maoists; the same ideologies that provided theContinue reading “Ethnic Assertion, Constituent Assembly Elections and Defensive Maoists”

Another Nepal Banda Tomorrow: Depressing Scenario

Protest, protest everywhere, how can we get out of this mess? Janajatis or indigenous people have called for a general strike in Nepal tomorrow. Economically that would be yet another blow to already depressing situation. That will be yet another day of walking for hours to reach offices, yet another day people wasting their timeContinue reading “Another Nepal Banda Tomorrow: Depressing Scenario”

Surya Bahadur Thapa Interview: Hidden Messages?

By Dinesh Wagle Wagle’s Web Log Surya Bahadur Thapa has appeared in TV today in a very suspicious manner to defend the king. Former Prime Minister Thapa, who formed his Rastriya Janashakti Party after the royal takeover of Feb 2005, today told Kantipur TV’s Fire Side program (hosted by Bhusan Dahal) that the Interim ParliamentContinue reading “Surya Bahadur Thapa Interview: Hidden Messages?”

Nepal Government Will Give Additional Rs. 50m to Maoists

The government today (25 Feb) decided to provided Rs 50 million per month to the Maoists for the management of Maoist cantonments that are set up at different regions across the country. In a meeting of the Maoist Cantonment Management Committee today, it was also decided that each Maoist combatant would be provided with aContinue reading “Nepal Government Will Give Additional Rs. 50m to Maoists”

Upendra Yadav on Maoists

Chairman of the agitating Madheshi People’s Rights Forum Upendra Yadav has said that the Maoist intervention in the forum’s program in Nepalgunj was the height of “terrorism and militant philosophy”. Condemning the Maoist disruption and vandalism during the forum’s mass meeting in Nepalgunj Saturday, Yadav today (25 Jan) said, “This exemplifies that the Maoists areContinue reading “Upendra Yadav on Maoists”

Maoists in Bullying Spree: What is the Problem Comrades?

Apparently it’s a season of clashes for the Maoists. They are in the bullying spree as soon as it became clear to the world that they are not reporting all the weapons they have to the UN. They have clashed with members of an indigenous organization in Chitwan and bullied over the cadres associated withContinue reading “Maoists in Bullying Spree: What is the Problem Comrades?”