Nepal Terai Tension: PM Calls For All-Party Meeting

Jan 21- Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala has called for an eight-party meeting Monday (22 Jan) morning to discuss the worsening situation in Lahan, where violence flared up following Friday’s killing of a teenager. The PM called for the meeting at his residence at Baluwatar at 8 a.m. tomorrow, sources said. The meeting will alsoContinue reading “Nepal Terai Tension: PM Calls For All-Party Meeting”

35 Containers For Nepal Army Weapons Storage

Jan 21- 35 additional containers are being brought to Kathmandu by Friday (26 Jan) for the storage of Nepal Army weapons. According to military sources, the arms containers to store NA weapons are being brought in to coincide with the ongoing registration of Maoist fighters and weapons as per the agreement between the Maoists andContinue reading “35 Containers For Nepal Army Weapons Storage”

Again Nepal Banda: Bus Wallas Protest

For the record (22 Jan): The Banda continued. Two boys killed in Lahan. ………. Normal life in the city was disrupted and people had to walk, like these women with a kid in Koteshwor, because of banda. Pics by Wagle In an IM conversation yesterday afternoon, an American girl who was here in Kathmandu aContinue reading “Again Nepal Banda: Bus Wallas Protest”

Musical Stardom: Story of Three Nepali Singers

Saturday Blog: Small it is but vibrant Nepali music industry has immense reach in all stratums of Nepali society that you can be a national celebrity with only one hit song. Proof? Read the story of these young guys (in the pic above): Jabeek (left), Rajeev Lohani (right) and Babu Bogati (middle). [The following isContinue reading “Musical Stardom: Story of Three Nepali Singers”

Nepal in Transition: Maoist and Madhesi Forum Clash, One Dies

Voice of Terai from the United States of America The following is a press statement issued by ANTA (Association of Nepali teraians in America) NY chapter president Dr. Binay Kumar Shah in 20 Jan. Association of Nepali Teraian in America (ANTA) has noted with concern the continuing disruption of normal life in the Terai regionContinue reading “Nepal in Transition: Maoist and Madhesi Forum Clash, One Dies”

Moriarty Ka Kura: Democracy Doesn't Come From the Barrel of a Gun

U.S. Ambassador James F. Moriarty participated in a roundtable interview today with journalists from several news organizations. At the beginning of the discussion, the Ambassador read a statement addressing recent developments in Nepal. Here is the text: This has been an historic week for Nepal and its people. A new Interim Constitution is in effect,Continue reading “Moriarty Ka Kura: Democracy Doesn't Come From the Barrel of a Gun”