Southern Nepal Conflict: When Criminals Take Charge of Demonstrations

A peace rally in Jhapa With the heinous killing of Assistant Sub Inspector Naresh Jung Karki in Biratnagar this evening, it has become crystal clear that the ongoing movement in eastern Terai is more than just an expression of political dissatisfaction: it is overwhelmingly dominated by criminal intentions. To carry swords, iron rods and goContinue reading “Southern Nepal Conflict: When Criminals Take Charge of Demonstrations”

Koirala on TV, Addresses Madheshi Demands

Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala appeared on national television a few minutes ago to tell the country that the government has agreed to address the key demands put forward by the agitating Madheshi groups in southern Nepal. That wasn’t exactly what we call an address to nation (Koirala was addressing a gathering of selected leadersContinue reading “Koirala on TV, Addresses Madheshi Demands”