Tension in Terai: Protest and Curfew Continue

The local administrations in the eastern Terai today extended curfew orders in various parts of the region that was under the grip of violent demonstrations and unrest for the last few days. Tensions, however, have gone down a notch with city centers remaining comparatively quieter although there have been reports of sporadic protests since early morning today. The District Administration Office (DAO) Birgunj today clamped yet another 10-hour curfew effective from 10am to 8pm after the situation did not appear to be improving. Likewise, DAO Lahan issued a four-hour curfew order beginning at 12 noon. Meanwhile, a rally staged prior to the curfew in Lahan today traversed the city, reminding the residents that the ongoing protests were not communal in nature and urged Lahan residents not to make it so. (more)

The district administration in Parsa has issued curfew orders in Birgunj from Thursday after the protests organized by Madheshi Peoples’ Rights Forum (MPRF) turned violent and communal. Foreigners like these seen in the photo had to walk up to Simra Airport (as long as 29 kilometers) Friday, 26 Jan to go to Kathmandu as there were no vehicles on the street. Pic by Subodh Singh Continue reading Tension in Terai: Protest and Curfew Continue