Tense Southern Nepal: Terai Demonstrations

Quick info: Nepal is geographically divided into three regions: Himal (Mountains), Pahad (Hills) and Terai or Madhesh (Plain). People residing in those areas are called Himali, Pahadi and Madheshi. Biratnagar, a town in Terai Nepal, was tense today as Madheshi Peoples’ Right Forum (MPRF) called for Banda (strike). A group of residents opposing the BandaContinue reading “Tense Southern Nepal: Terai Demonstrations”

Nepal in Transition: Curfews in Terai, Fire is Spreading

Curfew in Siraha, Janakpur, Birgunj and Biratnagar (here is more) News reports coming from Terai parts of eastern Nepal are indeed alarming. The fire is spreading rapidly. The authorities were forced to impose curfew in Birjung today (1.30 PM to 10 PM) afternoon after doing the same in the past few days in Lahan and,Continue reading “Nepal in Transition: Curfews in Terai, Fire is Spreading”

The Royal Moustache and Baluwataar Tea Pary

Gyanendra, the ‘ousted’, rejected and ejected (any other words out there?) king, has sported the mustache, huh? Don’t dare to dismiss this as yet another Gyanendra bashing cheap joke but that was the talk of the town today after newspapers in Kathmandu came up with front page image of the monarch in question. Gyanendra withContinue reading “The Royal Moustache and Baluwataar Tea Pary”