Nepal in Transition: Terai Secession Is a Myth

As twin kids of the Maoists escalate their violence in eastern Terai in the name of the so called ‘Terai’ nation, it becomes increasingly difficult to see how any educated realist from Terai could ever support them. By Chhatra Bahadur [This article first appeared in a private discussion forum and UWB is publishing this articleContinue reading “Nepal in Transition: Terai Secession Is a Myth”

A [Royal] Nepal Army General [Rtd.] Is Maoist Member of Interim Parliament

“Maoists decided to nominate me because they were impressed by my articles published in Kantipur daily.” -Kumar Phodung By Bishnu Bodhathoki Having served in the Nepal Army (NA) [former Royal Nepal Army] for 35 years, ex-Major General Kumar Phodung has been nominated as a member of the interim legislature by the Maoists. Talking to theContinue reading “A [Royal] Nepal Army General [Rtd.] Is Maoist Member of Interim Parliament”

Nepal’s Court Politics: Interim Constitution

For the record: Interim Constitution will be promulgated tomorrow but judges of Supreme Court will not be very happy. A report by Conflict Study Center The pressure from the House and street culminated in a meeting of the Seven Party Alliance-Maoist (SPAM) on January 8, 2007 resulting in the decision to proclaim the Interim ConstitutionContinue reading “Nepal’s Court Politics: Interim Constitution”