Nepal Will Have Interim Constitution in Maghe Sakranti!

Finally, clouds of doubts have been cleared in Nepali politics. It seems we can now be confident that the election of constituent assembly will be held in time. This Maghe Sakranti will have a new dish on menu: tarul, ghyu chaku and INTERIM CONSTITUTION! Today’s meeting of the top leaders of the Seven Party Alliance and CPN Maoist decided to promulgate the interim constitution on Magh 1 (15 Jan). Present parliament will pass the constitution and the interim parliament, which will be formed on the same day, will endorse the statue. There would not be any change in the constitution as demanded by certain sections of society including conservative full bench of the Supreme Court. SPM and Maoist have requested all Nepali people to be ready for the election of the constituent assembly. They have agreed to reestablish displaced police posts and send Village Development Committee secretaries to villages. Leaders also requested all people to raise their voices peacefully fearing that any violent protest programs could be exploited by the reactionary forces.