Nepal PM: CA Elections Impossible Without Reinstatement of Police Posts

News we are following: Nepal politics Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala on Monday said that elections to the constituent assembly (CA) would not be possible without first reinstating the police posts and VDC secretaries displaced during the decade-long conflict. Stating that the CA elections couldn’t be held if the Maoists continue to obstruct the reinstatementContinue reading “Nepal PM: CA Elections Impossible Without Reinstatement of Police Posts”

Nepal in 2006: From Gyanendra to Girija

NOTE: (Jan 2, 3 PM NST) eKantipur is going through maintenance and the editor of the site, Akhilesh Tripathi, hopes that they will resume the service “within hours”. Visit for the same content from Kantipur Publications. ……. In January 2006, King Gyanendra was both head of state and head of government. The democrats wereContinue reading “Nepal in 2006: From Gyanendra to Girija”