United We Fight Against Communal War in Nepal

Nepalis must be united to stop the jatiya yuddha that is beginning in our country

By Jiwan Limbu
From a UWB reader

“A strike called by the Limbuwan Swayatta Sarokar Manch (LSSM) on Tuesday (12 December) crippled life in nine districts east of Arun River. Today’s strike crippled life in Mechi’s Illam, Jhapa, Paanchthar, Taplejung and Koshi zone’s Dhankuta, Morang, Sunsari, Sankhuwasabha and Terhathum districts. Activists organized rallies and burnt tires on the roads, halting all traffic in the district headquarters. Organizers had called for the strike stating that the comprehensive national peace treaty between the seven-party alliance and the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) had ignored their demands to introduce a Limbuwan autonomous region during the elections for the constituent assembly. Limbuwan Swayatta Sarokar Manch, Sanghiya Limbuwan Rajya Parisar, Sanghiya Loktantrik Manch had jointly called for the strike.” -ekantipur news

It is time we Nepalis start talking about these issues seriously – not only concerning Limbuwans but the Sattars, Dalits and other marginalized groups. The current SPA-Maoist agreement is on very thin ice and can cave-in anytime since the whole Maoist revolution was based on many assurances to these groups e.g. autonomous status and a lot of other things. This “bandh” will trigger another and another by various groups who were promised similar things and will soon engulf the nation if a healthy discussion is not initiated. Of course, we have more critical things to solve right now, but instead of ignoring it altogether, we have chances to control it by initiating an honest and a healthy national discussion.

All responsible and educated mass must take up this challenge. We can endlessly talk about ideologies, etc etc, but we must not forget that the root cause of all our woes come from a very unequal and a disparate society and the political leaders who take advantage of it. I have strong views on this that we must make prudent efforts to bring everyone to an equal footing, introduce quota systems across all institutions including serious discussions on state restructuring (because the current set-up won’t work). This Maoist led civil war had a bona fide cause (though not necessarily the means to achieve them): that of fight against inequality, authoritarian monarchy etc. But the fight between Jatis and communities will be worse and uncontrollable that will forever psyche a nation. It will be a sectarian war, one like in Iraq between Shia, Sunni and Turks.

This time it will be a full-fledged Jatiya war. In fact it is already happening. And we must stop it.


Jiwan Limbu, (Patriot in UWB), is a Business Development Manager for a leading IT company in New Delhi. He is from Damak, Jhapa.