43 Killed? Since April Truce? Sad But…

These numbers are definitely disappointing but the situation is not that bad and we are heading for bright days ahead National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) reports in its Human “Rights situation in Nepal” today that as many as 43 people were killed by both the government and the Maoists during the six-months following the announcementContinue reading “43 Killed? Since April Truce? Sad But…”

Suspend Monarchy In Interim Constitution

As ruling Seven Party Alliance (SPA) and Maoist leaders are on the verge of issuing a new Interim Constitution for Nepal, I feel compelled to say that monarchy must be suspended in the statue. Here is why. By Prakash Bom in New York Historical Peoples’ Movement II in April reinstated the dissolved Parliament and provedContinue reading “Suspend Monarchy In Interim Constitution”