No News of Buddha Boy, But Life Goes On…

Blogmandu: Government and Maoist negotiators are reportedly stuck into the voting procedures in the CA election including the modalities of ballot paper. A Norwegian election expert says:

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ram bomjom family

Saturday Photo Blog: Once upon a time, there was a boy called Ram Bahadur Bomjon who used to mediate under the Peepal Tree in a jungle in Bara district, in southern Nepal. Bomjon, branded as the Buddha Boy by the media around the world, became centre of attraction within a few weeks: thousands of people started thronging in to the jungle to see him. Many others went there with flowers to worship the newly found God where as few went with cameras and other research equipments. He was disturbed for sure. Apparently tired of all the attention he got, the Buddha Boy suddenly disappeared one March evening and hasn’t been in scene since then. His followers and families wept and mourned the disappearance. Search missions were sent and, latter, called off. But that was then. Now the life is normal as usual. No Buddha Boy but yes life is back. Look at the smiling face of sister (left) and mother of Ram Bahadur Bomjon. In this photo taken a few days back, the happy women are smiling as they move toward their home after the daily agricultural work. Recently, rumors started making rounds. Someone said he saw Buddha Boy in jungle and another confirmed that. But the NEW Buddha Boy of Nepal hasn’t appeared as yet. Pic by Upendra Lamichhane

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