Eye on Election: Underestimate the UML at Your Own Peril

ब्लगमान्डू : सेनालाई साँच्चै लोकतान्त्रिक बनाउने हो भने यसका खर्च प्रक्रियाहरूलाई पारदर्शी बनाउने अभियान थाल्नुपर्छ । (बाँकी)
By Ameet Dhakal

The Constituent Assembly election date remains uncertain still, but the political debate from lavish lounges in Kathmandu to chiyaa pasals in remote villages seems to converge towards one conclusion: the UML will be routed in the upcoming polls. But that’s too simplistic a conclusion. Political parties–including the Maoists– can take the UML lightly only at their own peril.

While the Maoists are busy organizing “victory rallies” and the Nepali Congress (NC) remains as laggard as ever in the matter of party reorganization, the UML is working “day-and-night” to reinvent itself. The party is just closing its three-month countrywide campaign to revitalize its machinery. The chief goal of this campaign is to renew the membership of organized members– the heart of the UML party machine — and to provide them the necessary political training. Though a final picture is yet to emerge this campaign seems to have bolstered the confidence of UML rank and file. Continue reading Eye on Election: Underestimate the UML at Your Own Peril