Post revolution Nepal: Problems and Solutions

ब्लगमान्डू: ‘हामी जनयुद्धमा सामेल भएको होइन,’ आफूलाई ‘संयुक्त राज्य आतंक’ नामको मुलुकका नागरिकका रूपमा परिचय गराउने अमेरिकी अभियन्ता पिटर ग्य्रान्टले भने- ‘हामी आन्दोलनप्रति ऐक्यबद्धता मात्रै जनाउँछौं ।’ (विस्तृत)
From the blog: The positioning of the Maoist camps all over the country is a strategic master game of the Maoist military thinkers which we have not paid attention to.

By Dinesh Tiwari

The country is in a historic period where things are changing very fast. In the fast paced world revolutionized by the IT all over, Nepal remains in the back yard inspite of its human intellectual and natural resources. The politics in Nepal is the key to all this. Often countries like Nepal, with zeal to develop fast but cheated by the rulers of the people itself, find that democracy lies in the sadness of hypocrisy. Continue reading Post revolution Nepal: Problems and Solutions