All Eyes On Nepal’s Eye: Magsaysay Awardees In Kathmandu

Ramon Magsaysay Jr. with his son in Kathmandu, Nepal “I see a lot of possibilities for Nepal that is facing challenges on peace, poverty and competitiveness in the globalized world…My late father started his public service during the World War II. I was a four year old boy. Fast forward to 2006. I am an old man, about to finish my second and last term in the Senate. Many a times I wonder am I being as good as my father or not quite up to him?”- Ramon Magsaysay Jr. in Wagle Street Journal.

eye camp where magsaysay awardees visited in kathmandu

They all got eye sight: Poor people from around the country had gathered in the Monastery to be operated in the eyes by a team of doctors led by Dr. Sanduk Ruit, the winner of this year’s Ramon Magsaysay Awards for International Understanding. All pics by Wagle

By Dinesh Wagle
Wagle Street Journal

Saturday blog. [This article appeared in today’s Kathmandu Post and its Nepali version in Kantipur. Tomorrow an encounter with Ramon Magsaysay Jr.]

This was a perfect time to be romantic. Prayer flags were dancing to the tunes of the musical bells, and the cool breeze was blowing- Antonio Meloto became almost emotional. Resting on the baranda of the Pullahari Monastery in Kapan on Friday afternoon, the 56-year-old man from the Philippines was thinking something else. Continue reading All Eyes On Nepal’s Eye: Magsaysay Awardees In Kathmandu

It's Time To Burn Weapons in Nepal

Two photos, one very positive message:

time to burn weapons in nepal

Gun, gun burning bright, in the peace of the day: Weapons belonging to the now dissolved retaliation group that was formed to fight Maoists in southern Nawalparasi were burnt and destroyed on Friday in public. The group, on the initiation of National Human Rights Commission, announced its dissolution Friday saying the since the war was over in Nepal, there was no need to maintain the group. The group was active in Nawalparasi for the past three years. Pics by Chetan Adhikari Continue reading It's Time To Burn Weapons in Nepal

Power and Pajero Corrupt Nepali Leaders

nepali leaders misuse vehicles

Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala and CPN Maoist Chairman Prachanda are among the leaders misusing government and private vehicles. It seems these leaders have forgotten how democracy was defamed by their corrupt and unlawful acts in the 90s. This is high time they remembered the result created by those acts. Thanks to the press freedom guaranteed by democracy in today’s Nepal, we the people at least know what’s happening around. Here is a report published in today’s Kantipur and translated into English by eKantipur. Sketch by Dewen via Kantipur

By Balram Baniya and Bikash Thapa

Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala and CPN-M Chairman Prachanda are among top politicians using government and private vehicles they are not authorized to use to. Top leaders of other political parties and other highly-placed government officials, too, have been making unauthorized use of government vehicles. Sources have disclosed that top officials of Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) and other government departments running multiple projects, expecting favour in return from the leaders, encourage them to misuse government and project vehicles. According to sources, soon after Koirala became the prime minister after the success of the April Movement, NEA officials gave him a luxurious Prado with registration number 1602. Continue reading Power and Pajero Corrupt Nepali Leaders