Gyanendra Shah Must Be Punished

The HLPC report must be taken seriously and its suggestions must be implemented

By now the world has learned from the High Level Probe Commission that Gyanendra was (and is) guilty of suppressing the historical popular uprising in April and responsible for the death of 21 innocent Nepalis who were fighting for their freedom. Did we really need the Commission to tell us that truth? Not actually because we saw the ambitious monarch on TV in Feb 1, 2005 dismissing remains of democracy that he started destroying systematically in mid 2002. That was the biggest crime he did and I am sure he will be punished in the election of Constituent Assembly. No vote for any party or candidates who want to give space in whatever form to monarchy in Nepal. At least I will not give. Baru Maobadi lai halchhu 😉 Continue reading Gyanendra Shah Must Be Punished

Prachanda Praises India While Thrashing Pakistani ISI

Why Maoist chairman Prachanda chose to expose himself in New Delhi by speaking against one country in favor of the other?

By Dinesh Wagle
Wagle’s Web Log

One of the most shocking parts of Prachanda’s recent New Delhi, India visit was the statement he made during an interview with the Hindustan Times daily. It was interesting to see the Maoist chairman repeating the same lines from the interview to Nepali journalists in Kathmandu’s International Airport upon his return from India.

First read these lines from the Sunday edition of Hindustan Times:

With the Maoists on the ascendant in Nepal, activities of the Pakistani Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) are on the decline, because their activities were actively encouraged by the Palace. In an interview exclusive to [Nilova Roy Chaudhury of] the Hindustan Times, Chairman and supremo of Nepal’s Maoists ‘Prachanda’ disclosed, he said, for the first time ever, that when he decided to take the ‘movement to the streets’, back in 1996, he was offered “assistance” in the form of arms and money from representatives claiming to be from the ISI.

“We must accept that the anti-India activity from Nepal (including acts like the hijack of IC814) was centred in the royal durbar,” Prachanda said. “When this feudal king (Gyanendra) was just the king’s brother, and a businessman, he had a business partnership with Dawood Ibrahim and conducted much of his smuggling through him,” said Pushpa Kamal Dahal, who prefers his alias ‘Prachanda’ (the fierce one). “With our movement gaining people’s consensus, the anti-India ISI activity controlled by the Durbar is almost non-existent,” Prachanda said.

“When we initiated the armed movement against the corrupt rule in Nepal (in 1996),” Prachanda said, “ISI-type people offered us money and arms assistance. I resisted and our council agreed to refuse the assistance because we felt our movement would lose its Nepali-people-centric approach,” Prachanda said, explaining his reasons for turning down such assistance.

Even if Prachanda spent the last decade fighting for the dictatorship of proletariats, we defend his freedom of expression. But we feel that this statement demonstrates how thin Prachanda is willing to stretch himself to win the support of India to establish ‘new democracy’ in Nepal via his “Great Peoples’ Movement”. Continue reading Prachanda Praises India While Thrashing Pakistani ISI