Gyanendra Shah Must Be Punished

The HLPC report must be taken seriously and its suggestions must be implemented By now the world has learned from the High Level Probe Commission that Gyanendra was (and is) guilty of suppressing the historical popular uprising in April and responsible for the death of 21 innocent Nepalis who were fighting for their freedom. DidContinue reading “Gyanendra Shah Must Be Punished”

Prachanda Praises India While Thrashing Pakistani ISI

Why Maoist chairman Prachanda chose to expose himself in New Delhi by speaking against one country in favor of the other? By Dinesh Wagle Wagle’s Web Log One of the most shocking parts of Prachanda’s recent New Delhi, India visit was the statement he made during an interview with the Hindustan Times daily. It wasContinue reading “Prachanda Praises India While Thrashing Pakistani ISI”