Now, Restructuring State of Nepal Is the Key

Preliminary political realism: Nepal had almost gotten the status of ‘failed sate’ recently and if the current political development fails to restructure the sate, country will soon fall back to the dark old stage of regression.

By Prakash Bom in Queens, New York

The landmark peace accord between SPA and the Maoists is historic though it is not immune to the challenges ahead. The fundamental challenge it faces is: Restructuring of the state. The failure of the post-1990 multi-party democracy lies in the inability to restructuring the state. Take this an example: popularly elected district chairpersons were ignored from forming a district administrative cabinet. Instead the major political party leaderships chose to continue with feudal oligarchic political tradition of appointing a government employee as district chief officer. To our surprise it is still in effect. This means the urgency of restructuring the state (with electoral democratic institutions in top priority) is yet to be materialized. Continue reading Now, Restructuring State of Nepal Is the Key