Maoist Victory Rallies in Kathmandu

By Shailendra Kharel UWB Photo blog It was supposed to be the BIG day for the CPN Maoist today as their Chairman Prachanda was scheduled to appear publicly for the first time in 25 years and deliver a speech. That was cancelled a few days ago and the event was turned into victory celebration rally.Continue reading “Maoist Victory Rallies in Kathmandu”

Prachanda: Our Revolution Won

Prachanda talks to Alessandro Gilioli of Italian newspaper L’espresso. Republished here with the permission of Gilioli. Here is the original interview. President Prachanda, let’s start with the current situation. The war is finally over, you entered Kathmandu and now the Maoist police are managing most things in the city, from the traffic through to streetContinue reading “Prachanda: Our Revolution Won”