Maoist Victory Rallies in Kathmandu

Maoist organize victory rally and mass meeting in Kathmandu

By Shailendra Kharel
UWB Photo blog

It was supposed to be the BIG day for the CPN Maoist today as their Chairman Prachanda was scheduled to appear publicly for the first time in 25 years and deliver a speech. That was cancelled a few days ago and the event was turned into victory celebration rally. Today’s rallies in Kathmandu were part of nationwide celebrations lauding the historic pact between the ruling Seven Party Alliance and the CPN Maoist. The mass meeting was medium sized and many school students were used in the rallies. Here are a few images of the day:

Maoist organize victory rally and mass meeting in Kathmandu Continue reading Maoist Victory Rallies in Kathmandu

Prachanda: Our Revolution Won

Prachanda talks to Alessandro Gilioli of Italian newspaper L’espresso. Republished here with the permission of Gilioli. Here is the original interview.

President Prachanda, let’s start with the current situation. The war is finally over, you entered Kathmandu and now the Maoist police are managing most things in the city, from the traffic through to street cleaning. Your posters are everywhere. It seems to me that you’ve already won the war. Is that true?

«We can not exactly say that it is totally true, but on the whole it is. Our revolution has not been completely victorious as yet. Changing the social economic structure and empowering the masses, in this sense, we have done an enormous amount and at the moment we are the main political force in the country. I think that we have achieved almost 60 percent of our goals , the remaining 40 per cent will be achieved with the election of the Costituent Assembly».

How long will it take?

«I think about a year. We are trying to have the Constituent Assembly’s election within 6-7 months. During this period, there will be big socioeconomic changes within the country and I think we’ll come out victorious». Continue reading Prachanda: Our Revolution Won