Images of Celebrations in Nepal

nepal celebrates historic agreement

Butwal: Local Maoist leader Suman puts tika to party cadres before a victory rally started here. Pics by Dipendra Badulwal UWB photo blog

People from all walks of life take part in various victory rallies organized throughout the country. The best thing about these victory rallies was the impressive Maoist participation. Prachanda had given them so much luring slogans that some fear if he will be able to keep all his cadres under his leadership and bring all of them in the mainstream politics. No one wants Maoists to be split and one group continuing the fighting. In today’s rallies, Maoist cadres were the most jubilant and the party led several rallies and mass meetings in various places. Continue reading Images of Celebrations in Nepal

Nepal Celebrates The Historic Agreement

Newspapers, general public and political leaders are unanimously praising the Agreement and celebrating the achievement

Public Voice:

Hearing the news about peace deal, I became so much emotional that tears started coming from my eyes. I saluted the leaders.Ashok Kumar Pathak, a reader, in Kantipur daily.

Nepali Congress President Girija Prasad Koirala and Commander Prachanda deserve Noble Peace Prize. The role of these two in the great effort of creating a New Nepal is second to none.Sajal Bhattarai, a reader, in Kantipur daily.

A day after the historic agreement between the ruling alliance and Nepal Communist Party (Maoist) that will end the decade long bloody conflict and take country toward peace, Nepalis around the country are celebrating the achievement. Leaders of Seven Party Alliance have lauded the deal where as leaders and cadres of Maoist party around the country are taking out processions to celebrate the peace deal. General public is elated and reports coming in from various parts of Nepal say they are organizing candlelight ceremonies. Major newspapers published from Kathmandu have welcomed the deal and praised the leadership on both sides for agreeing to end the violence.

In its editorial titled “Conditions For The Nation Building”, most influential daily newspaper (Nepali language) Kantipur writes: “There are two clear messages in the agreement. One, political powers of Nepali people are capable of confront the national crisis in peaceful and democratic manner. Another, sustainable stability and peace could be achieved through the politics based on broad national consensus.” Continue reading Nepal Celebrates The Historic Agreement