Images of Celebrations in Nepal

Butwal: Local Maoist leader Suman puts tika to party cadres before a victory rally started here. Pics by Dipendra Badulwal UWB photo blog People from all walks of life take part in various victory rallies organized throughout the country. The best thing about these victory rallies was the impressive Maoist participation. Prachanda had given themContinue reading “Images of Celebrations in Nepal”

Nepal Celebrates The Historic Agreement

Newspapers, general public and political leaders are unanimously praising the Agreement and celebrating the achievement Public Voice: Hearing the news about peace deal, I became so much emotional that tears started coming from my eyes. I saluted the leaders. –Ashok Kumar Pathak, a reader, in Kantipur daily. Nepali Congress President Girija Prasad Koirala and CommanderContinue reading “Nepal Celebrates The Historic Agreement”