Election Theory For Constituent Assembly In Nepal

Situation Update XII: A report by Conflict Study Center, Kathmandu

Contributed by Bishnu Pathak PhD and Chitra Niraula
Assisted by Yashoda Upreti

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Two prognosis are presently found in Nepal – the talks will materialize following the zest and zeal of the commoners and talks will fail ignoring the pray for sustainable peace of people. The Government of Nepal’s (GoN) continued status quo on weapons management prior to political solution and political solution first in package raised by the Maoists created confusion among the people. Professor Johan Galtung says, “There is not a peace process but a cease-fire process.” Galtung further stresses, “Prior to the conclusion of political agendas, we can not even imagine of disarmament.” But, both conflicting parties GoN/SPA and the Maoists are trying their level best to assure the people that peace-talks is at the verge of completion as all issues have nearly bridged the gaps. The lip-service peace-talks and repeated assurance to people by them are minimizing the hopes of people for positive peace or just peace. On the one hand, the Maoists are regenerating its strength tossed and turned during the People’s War, and on the other the GoN is preparing the ground for elections appointing Commissioners to Election Commission. Moreover, the government time and again claims CA election could be held within six months. But, the most perplexing point is that the government has neither done exercises on election process nor they have presently raised any concern on it. Continue reading Election Theory For Constituent Assembly In Nepal