Constituent Assembly in Nepal

Counter Punch: Election for the Constituent Assembly is totally wasteful exercise of the government. What SPA government needs to do is to hold election for all of the members of the House as early as possible.

By Shree Shrestha in Madison, Wisconsin
UWB received this article in email [Articles are welcome!]

It looks like Seven Party Alliance (SPA) government under Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala decided to have election for Constituent Assembly. According to the news story Constituent Assembly will have 425 members. Only 205 members out of 425 will be elected by the people. Since they do not trust the people that they will elect right kind of representatives 204 members will be nominated by the political parties and 16 members will be nominated by the Prime Minister. The Constituent Assembly will also function as the legislature for about two years until full fledged parliamentary elections takes place. Continue reading Constituent Assembly in Nepal