Tired of Arrogance, People Rise Up Against Maoists

In their bid to prove the presence of their ‘government’ Maoists are doing everything that they can do in the time of peace: from ‘arresting’ gundas and hooligans in the capital city to stopping people from playing cards in villages. We all know they are in the process of bargaining in the peace talks and they need to continue demonstrating their power and influences. But it seems people do not like all of their activities, especially those in which Maoists seem to be intervening personal rights of the citizens. The recent arrests of ‘criminals’ in the valley was widely appreciated but the in Sarlahi and Jhapa when the comrades intervened in Deusi and other activities, they faced stiff resistance from locals. Enough is enough, people decided to act against the comrades. Continue reading Tired of Arrogance, People Rise Up Against Maoists