Stale Coffee and Misplaced Optimism in Nepal

What will happen to a community, say Limbu, residing in Magarat? Will that community have to leave Magarat and settle down in Limbuwan?

By Chattra Bahadur

It is rather unfortunate to see that neo-libertarians cannot withstand any form of criticism, especially when anyone points at current follies prevailing in Nepal in name of janabhawana. It resembles as if they have proclaimed themselves as the only defenders-of-liberty. They promptly label others (who criticize or deviate from their conception) as undemocratic and feudal. Moreover, it is tragic when they equate alternate perception being irrational and illogical, and being a vestige of the feudalistic and regressive mindset. The behavior of neo-libertarians often suggests ‘their-way-or-no-way’ mentality which is against the principle of democracy they aver about. Trying to silence dissident voices and smearing any person or any idea that does not match with own perception is not known democratic virtue. Continue reading Stale Coffee and Misplaced Optimism in Nepal