Instigation of Electoral Logistics by Parliament

By Prakash Bom in Queens, New York Appreciations of the Initiation: It is great news for me to hear about the formation of the “The Parliamentary Special Hearing Committee” in the reinstated Parliament of Nepal, which has initiated a public notice for colleting information on the nominees for the appointments to ‘Chief Election Commissioner(s)’ positions.Continue reading “Instigation of Electoral Logistics by Parliament”

Maoists Deusi-Bhailo and Other Tihar Images of Kathmandu

For Maoists, Deusi-Bhailo meant: 1) making their presence felt in the city, 2) Creating awareness about republic Nepal, and 3) Raising money! By Dinesh Wagle All pics by Wagle Deusi- and Bhailo-wise speaking, Maoists were one of the major attractions in this year’s Tihar. Last year, traditional Bhailo and Deusi songs were replaced by anti-autocracyContinue reading “Maoists Deusi-Bhailo and Other Tihar Images of Kathmandu”