Instigation of Electoral Logistics by Parliament

By Prakash Bom in Queens, New York

Appreciations of the Initiation: It is great news for me to hear about the formation of the “The Parliamentary Special Hearing Committee” in the reinstated Parliament of Nepal, which has initiated a public notice for colleting information on the nominees for the appointments to ‘Chief Election Commissioner(s)’ positions.

I have not understood the logistics of it that the PSHC has issued. Hopefully, it will respect the basic democratic norms and principles for government appointments as in the most of the developed nations’ democratic governments have practiced with specific strides of the logistics. I think these strides are reasonably essential for such procedures and without such the appointments cannot be proofed being done in accordance with basic democratic norms and principles. On the contrary, such appointments will be considered arbitrary decisions of the cabinet or the Parliament. Continue reading Instigation of Electoral Logistics by Parliament

Maoists Deusi-Bhailo and Other Tihar Images of Kathmandu

For Maoists, Deusi-Bhailo meant: 1) making their presence felt in the city, 2) Creating awareness about republic Nepal, and 3) Raising money!

Tihar bhai tika

By Dinesh Wagle
All pics by Wagle

Deusi- and Bhailo-wise speaking, Maoists were one of the major attractions in this year’s Tihar. Last year, traditional Bhailo and Deusi songs were replaced by anti-autocracy and pro-democracy messages where as this year people, especially the Maoists, ended their deusi-bhailo songs with this wish (sing in fast pace bhaili rhythm):

Aagau aaula, deusi gaula, sarangi retaula
Ganatantra Nepal ma pheri bhetula

[We will come next year to see you again in republic Nepal and sing deusi songs and play sarangi]

Maoist Deusi Bhailo

Dance, comrade dance, in the tunes of madala and deusi songs, not the guns. Continue reading Maoists Deusi-Bhailo and Other Tihar Images of Kathmandu