Haughty King: Gyanendra Refuses To Answer People

An editorial published in yesterday’s edition of Kantipur. Originally in Nepali: The role of the current government in the King’s refusal to answer must be made clear to the people.

King Gyanendra has again repeated his act of stubbornness by refusing to answer the questions of High Level Probe Commission (HLPC). This must have alerted the SPA-Maoists as it reflects the same old mentality, tradition and work pattern of the king. The HLPC hadn’t questioned the King on grounds of his being the Head of the State. The questions were rather focused on the activities carried out him after overthrowing the elected parliament and taking the responsibility of the Chairperson of Council of Ministers, which is obvious.

The executive head is primarily responsible for the misuse of power and violation of human rights during the 19-day People’s movement. As the Chairperson of the Council of Ministers the king should take the responsibility of excessive misuse of position, regime, power and national treasury in order to sustain the autocratic rule. Therefore, the king can’t stay outside the boundaries of the HLPC investigation. Continue reading Haughty King: Gyanendra Refuses To Answer People