Nepal In the Shadows of ‘Peoplocracy’

By Chhatra Bahadur (UWB received this article via email)

It appears that every moment in Nepal is being defined as “the crossroad of historic change”. It would not be incorrect to state that we may have taken a step forward, only to return to the crossroad again taking two steps backward. It is even more likely that we would never be able to move away from the crossroad, making it a permanent feature. Of course, there are many to counter argue that Nepal has been deviated from a path of being a ‘failed state’ and we are now on the eternal path towards recovery and betterment. The contemporary oft-repeated justification presented by the media, politicians, rights activists, and neo-elites of Nepal is that democracy is regained from an autocrat after the popularized April Revolution, which will subsequently result in peace through negotiations, and thus provide impetus to prosperity. Continue reading Nepal In the Shadows of ‘Peoplocracy’