Baluwatar Talks, high hopes

Very much unlike the interview of Prachanda which expressed doubts even in the occuring of the Summit Talks, both the SPA and Maoists have expressed hope of its success. At the end of the meeting which lasted for around 9 hours the two sides released a press release. “The draft of the interim constitution was presented before the top leaders of the seven parties and the Maoists at the meeting today,” the release states.

It further adds”At the meeting, issues like interim constitution, election of constituent assembly, implementation of past agreements, arms management, relief to conflict-victims, socio-economic transformation and restructuring of the state were discussed in a cordial atmosphere.”

It concludes stating that the discussion was positive with the signatures of government talks coordinator Krishna Prasad Sitaula and Maoist talks coordinator Krishna Bahadur Mahara. The talks will resume on Oct 10,2006. However with the no concrete agreements in issues like arms management little can be said of outcome of the talks.
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