Democracy Effect: Smiling Face of Thamel

An emotional blog: Tourists are coming, economing is about to boom! Thank you Democracy!

By Dinesh Wagle
Wagle Street Journal

I know I had said I would be away from computer from this afternoon but this addiction never goes away easily. I am in Thamel and early in the morning tomorrow, I would be driving to Beshishahar. I am compelled to write something after I went around Thamel, one of the most happening towns in Kathmandu. And I am here to compare Thamel, the tourist hub in the capital city with another equally vibrant town called New Road. The Dashain fever has gripped both of these places. New Road at 6:30 PM was quite and calm as almost all shops were closed and Thamel, at 9:20 PM, is still busy dealing with hundreds of Goras and Goris from abroad. Continue reading Democracy Effect: Smiling Face of Thamel