Gyanendra Shah Speaks Again: Time To Keep Quiet, Maharaj!

By Dinesh Wagle
Wagle’s Web Log (Inside: Prime Minister’s Vijaya Dashami Message)

Did Parliament forget to ban Gyanendra Shah from issuing statements every now and then? The white elephant that was seriously wounded in April has started moaning again. That too on the auspicious day of Vijaya Dashami! Gyanendra today issued a statement saying that the need and desire of the nation was to make the peace process and the ongoing efforts to guarantee security to the people successful. Good words, we know he is a “poet/lyricist.” But Gyanendra is not supposed to blabber. He is supposed to keep quiet and celebrate Dashain. If he really wants to communicate to the people and make his desires heard, he should abandon the inherited post of king, open up a political party and go for campaigning. He talks about “national unity and reconciliation.” It really seems strange why he is talking about national unity especially after the grand success of April Revolution. That was the biggest example of national unity in the history of Nepal.

By including the word reconciliation, is Gyanendra seeking help from political parties to continue his status as the chief of monarchy in Nepal? Any sane person in place of Gyanendra would have been ashamed uttering words like “making the peace process successful.” Who killed democracy and declared all out war against the civil society? Who blatantly ignored the cease fires declared by the Maoists? Who jailed people speaking for freedom? Who declared emergency, cut off phone lines and internet, censored media? Now the same person, barely five months after people discarded him, raises his head and starts giving us lecture? That too on why peace process must be successful?

There were very few people queuing up to the royal palace today to receive Tika from the king. Some people might argue that the number shows there are still some who support the king. I don’t disagree considering the cruel fact that the monarchy in Nepal has exploited Nepali people for the last 237 years and there are fistfuls of people who have benefited from that exploitation for generations. And there are quite a few people with slave mentality who still feel happy to serve their master. They always seek an opportunity to please their master. Particularly discouraging was the presence of Rukmangat Katwal, the Chief of the Army Staff, in today’s tika ceremony. But hey, who is Katwal? Who raised him? Who sent him in the Army? Who is Mahendra? So, I was not surprised to see Katwal saluting Gyanendra and his wife in Durbar today. But I have taken positively a press statement issued by the army the day before yesterday that says there was no formal directive issued by the chief of the army staffs to the soldiers and officers of the Nepali Army to go to the king and receive tika. Continue reading Gyanendra Shah Speaks Again: Time To Keep Quiet, Maharaj!