I Blog, Do You? BTW, Happy Birthday UWB!

UWB T Shirt Democracy Rocks!
Yes, Democracy Rocks! Pic by Shailendra Kharel

As Nepal’s pioneering blog site becomes two-year-young today, a blogger writes about the impact of her introduction with the word blog

By Darshan Karki (inside Ujjwal Acharya shares his experience)

I came across this ‘blog artifact’ a week ago. Dated Oct 23, 2005, its four papers torn from a spiral notebook with notes I had taken in a discussion program “Nagarki Samaj Viruddha ko Hastakshep: Suchana ra Sanghathan Ko Adhikar” [Intervention Against Civil Society: The Right To Information and Organization] organized in Nepal Tourism Board hall in Bhrikutimandap, Kathmandu. On the top of the second page I’ve scribbled “www.blog.com.np”, probably the first time I ever wrote a word as weird as ‘blog’ anywhere in my two decades of existence. It was an unusual coincidence. Hysh (a blogger friend of mine) had only mentioned the site a day before but I forgot the name no sooner than I heard it. First, I thought she was talking Chinese when she told me of blogs, second, the whole affair sounded way over my head. But seeing a guy with the name of the site printed on his t-shirt felt as though it was some kind of sign. Moreover the guy looked good, a foreigner I presumed until his laughter in a tongue slip by one of the speakers left me confused. Must be a foreign journalist who understands Nepali, I corrected myself. Surely, the guy looked interesting so the mention of all the minute details. Could go further too, but that might embarrass the blogger so let me leave it here. LOL. Continue reading I Blog, Do You? BTW, Happy Birthday UWB!

Celebrating Dashain In A Secular Nepal

Justification of the Declaration of the Secular State and the Abolition of the ‘Hindu State’ by the Reinstated Parliament of Nepal as we are celebrating the most popular festival of the country.

By Prakash Bom in Queens, New York

Reasoning:Who are Nepali people in the first place of the existence? Obviously Nepali people are not other than human beings who deserve basic human rights protections as per the Universal Human Rights Declaration. Then after we are bona fide citizens of sovereign nation ought to have civil liberty under the complete democratic system of government mandated by the people’s movement II. Continue reading Celebrating Dashain In A Secular Nepal