Nepali Democracy Thanks You Chhaya Devi Parajuli

Nepali Congress General Secretary Ram Chandra Poudel covers the body of Chhaya Devi Parajuli by chartare of Nepali Congress. Pic by Bikash Karki Obituary The tireless participation of Chhayadevi Parajuli in pro-democracy movements made her one of the most prominent faces of freedom fighting in Nepal. She was old but her enthusiasm was amazingly young.Continue reading “Nepali Democracy Thanks You Chhaya Devi Parajuli”

Teej Ko Lahara Aayo Barilai: Politics In Nepali Women’s Festival

Teej songs, detailing dukkhas and sufferings, are being used to create political and social awareness By Kathryn Hohman In her 1988 article, feminist author Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak poses the rhetorical question, “can the subaltern speak?” In Nepal they sing. Each year married, unmarried and widowed women travel to their natal homes to take part inContinue reading “Teej Ko Lahara Aayo Barilai: Politics In Nepali Women’s Festival”