Interim Constitution Draft For Nepal: King No Head Of State!?

Interim Constitution Draft Committee (ICDC) on Friday handed over the draft constitution to Nepal government and the Maoist party.

Interim Constitution

Laxman Aryal (mid) hands over the draft to Maoist negotiator Krishna Mahara as government negotiator Krishna Sitaula looks on.

After 172 Articles, 26 sections and 1 annex, interim constitution still has some major issues that are not left to be decided by the ruling alliance and the Maoists. Preamble of the interim constitution: The sovereignty and nationality being secured for the countrymen of Nepal, to institutionalize the results of the movements, until a new constitution is written through the CA elections, the draft constitution-2063 that was proposed by the political consensus has been declared through the parliament or any other political convention.” Chairman of the Interim House of Representative will act as the head of state in the interim period. Prime Minister will be the Supreme Commander in Chief of the Nepal Army. Nepal is a completely democratic state. Continue reading Interim Constitution Draft For Nepal: King No Head Of State!?

NEPAL ARMY SERIES– III: Integration? No Problem

By Ameet Dhakal
News Editor,
the Kathmandu Post

KATHMANDU, Aug 24 – When army men start talking about the Maoists something happens to them inside: the voice suddenly becomes loud and body language changes. It’s an intoxicating mix of excitement and anger. All the army personnel interviewed for this article said the Maoists came to the negotiating table because they could not win the shooting war – Nasakera aayeka hun (they came because they couldn’t). But none of them claimed that the army won either. In between this “we-didn’t-win-they-didn’t-win” acceptance lies the anguish of the Nepali Army (NA). After all, armies the world over are institutions created to win wars. Not winning creates a trauma of its own. Continue reading NEPAL ARMY SERIES– III: Integration? No Problem