Nepal Peace Process Update: Envoys, Maoists, And Interim Constitution

Meanwhile, we are eagerly waiting for the arrival of UN team for arms management

Ambassadors James F. Moriarty and Shiv Shankar Mukharjee of the United States and India respectively meet CPN UML General Secretary Madhav Kumar Nepal, reports Kantipur TV. Why? Both envoys want to warn the second largest party in the governing alliance not to include the Maoists in the interim government before deciding about the rebel arms. These meetings occur on the same day when Nepal government and Maoists decide to receive the interim constitution crafted by the Interim Constitution Draft Committee on Friday. And there comes Prachanda who publicly complains about increasing collaboration between India and the US on blocking Maoists to join the interim government to be formed as per the interim constitution. In an interview to BBC Nepali Service’s Sushil Sharma (published in Nepalnews), Prachanda says, “We also suspect that the US and India have been collaborating to come here under a design. That has worried us even moreā€¦ I would rather say that the Indian rulers have lately expanded collaboration with the US rulers. The American pressure and the vested interest of India’s hard-line faction have merged as a hurdle to Nepal’s independence and self-determination.” Continue reading Nepal Peace Process Update: Envoys, Maoists, And Interim Constitution