Kantipur Ghearoed For Hours. An Experience

By Dinesh Wagle
Wagle Street Journal

An angry mob ghearoed Kantipur Complex yesterday shouting angry slogans against the media institution. The mob, dissatisfied about Kantipur TV’s coverage on the killing of Rajesh Gurung, wanted to invade the complex, destroy the facilities and burn the buildings. It reminded me, a Kantipur journalist, September 1, 2004 when same kind of mob vandalized the complex building and burnt cars parked inside. [They were protesting against Kantipur Television’s news bulletin on the killing of karate player Rakesh Gurung by Assistant Sub-Inspector of Police Man Bahadur Adhikari Tuesday night. The protesters said the news was lopsided and resulted in “character assassination” of deceased Gurung. Read TKP report. Another one.]

Kantipur Under Attack
Mob burnt tires on the main road that goes from in front of Kantipur complex that houses Kantipur Publications and Kantipur Television. All pics Wagle

People can, for sure, express their dissatisfaction over press coverage of any kind. They have their right to do so. There are certain norms to be followed. If you want to raise voice against a report, write a letter to the media making your point. There is an institution called Press Council where you can lodge your complain against the report and the media outlet. I also understand the sentiment of the relatives of Gurung. The report should be accurate. Kantipur TV says that the report was based on their sources at Nepal Police. Generally, such happens to be the case. Police provide information about any crime or events. Some reporters try to independently verify the info before running the story. Kantipur TV has already apologized for ‘the incomplete’ report which means the initial report didn’t put the version from the Gurung side. Such things happen with any media anywhere in the world. But exploiting such mistake and trying to attack the media organization with the help of a politically motivated mob is of serious concern to Nepali journalism. Continue reading Kantipur Ghearoed For Hours. An Experience