Now, Nepal Wants To Hear From King Gyanendra Shah

“Pashupati ko bayan bhayo, aba tinka pati lai bolaunu parchha,” said a friend of mine this afternoon. After thinking for about a couple of seconds, he continued his remarks as I could see anger in his eyes. “Tesko bayan ta malali lina man lageko chha.” [As Pashupati has been interrogated, he said, now is theContinue reading “Now, Nepal Wants To Hear From King Gyanendra Shah”

Politics and Teen Feeling: Miss Teen Nepal 2006 Contestants Speak Out

Miss Teen Nepal 2006 Khusbu Oli (mid), first runner up Swekshya Adhikary (left) and second runner up Sambriddhi Rai Pic by Michael Copp via Kantipur By Darshan Karki (Inside: A Beauty Contest Amidst Maoist Pressure) “Teenage isn’t an easy thing to define,” 19-year-old Sambriddhi Rai started the conversation. “The simplest way to put it wouldContinue reading “Politics and Teen Feeling: Miss Teen Nepal 2006 Contestants Speak Out”

Businessman Gyanendra Has Shares In 17 Companies

For the record: Gyanendra Shah is not only the biggest landlord of Nepal but also a businessman with shares in as many as 17 companies. Mr. Shah also happens to be the king of Nepal and if everything goes smoothly Nepalis will be voting to decide his royal fate in the next year or so.Continue reading “Businessman Gyanendra Has Shares In 17 Companies”

Nepali Democracy Thanks You Chhaya Devi Parajuli

Nepali Congress General Secretary Ram Chandra Poudel covers the body of Chhaya Devi Parajuli by chartare of Nepali Congress. Pic by Bikash Karki Obituary The tireless participation of Chhayadevi Parajuli in pro-democracy movements made her one of the most prominent faces of freedom fighting in Nepal. She was old but her enthusiasm was amazingly young.Continue reading “Nepali Democracy Thanks You Chhaya Devi Parajuli”

Teej Ko Lahara Aayo Barilai: Politics In Nepali Women’s Festival

Teej songs, detailing dukkhas and sufferings, are being used to create political and social awareness By Kathryn Hohman In her 1988 article, feminist author Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak poses the rhetorical question, “can the subaltern speak?” In Nepal they sing. Each year married, unmarried and widowed women travel to their natal homes to take part inContinue reading “Teej Ko Lahara Aayo Barilai: Politics In Nepali Women’s Festival”

Interim Constitution Draft For Nepal: King No Head Of State!?

Interim Constitution Draft Committee (ICDC) on Friday handed over the draft constitution to Nepal government and the Maoist party. Laxman Aryal (mid) hands over the draft to Maoist negotiator Krishna Mahara as government negotiator Krishna Sitaula looks on. After 172 Articles, 26 sections and 1 annex, interim constitution still has some major issues that areContinue reading “Interim Constitution Draft For Nepal: King No Head Of State!?”

NEPAL ARMY SERIES– III: Integration? No Problem

By Ameet Dhakal News Editor, the Kathmandu Post KATHMANDU, Aug 24 – When army men start talking about the Maoists something happens to them inside: the voice suddenly becomes loud and body language changes. It’s an intoxicating mix of excitement and anger. All the army personnel interviewed for this article said the Maoists came toContinue reading “NEPAL ARMY SERIES– III: Integration? No Problem”