Army Gundagardi. Nepal Army Becoming Rascals Club

Papers Burnt:

We’ve learnt that some miscreants, suspected supporters and relatives of brat Captain Rabindra Bikram Rana, have burnt copies of Kantipur and Kathmandu Post, newspapers that extensively carry reports about the incident, in Chahabil. This again shows the schooling and mentality of army and their elite family.

Gundagardi by army personnel at Durbarmarg

Over 3 dozen soldiers capture police office, torture officers

BY Kosh Raj Koirala

KATHMANDU, July 29- In brazen display of indiscipline, some three dozen armed soldiers from the Nepal Army’s Bhairabnath Battalion seized the Durbarmmarg Ward Police Post at gun-point in the wee hours of Saturday and forcibly took away three police personnel to ‘punish’ them for ‘asking’ an army captain to follow traffic rules.
The soldiers then subjected Police Inspector Ram Bahadur KC, Assistant Sub Inspector Dharmendra Roy and Constable Dilli Ram Tamang to severe torture for two hours at the battalion barracks at Maharajgunj before releasing them.

Incident blow-by-blow

At 1 a.m. Saturday, army captain Rabindra Bikram Rana, who was in civvies came out of Go Go Bar at Thamel with his friend Bikendra Singh Bista after heavy drinking, according to Gorakh Bahadur Thapa, a security guard at Himalayan Bank. While emerging from the bar, they got into a quarrel with the bar bouncers. They thrashed one bouncer and got into Rana’s red Gypsy.

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This incident is yet another example of how our army has become violent and blood thirsty over the years. Army officers and soldiers are increasingly becoming killing machine and torturing equipment. Impunity is at its peak and insane soldiers like Captain Rana think that they can do whatever they want to do. Nepal Army needs serious reform to prevent it from turning into a club of mad people where no one is predictable and anyone will act indiscriminately for no good reason. There must be some problem with the schooling. The impression, which is quite true, is that soldiers are trained in such a way that they never think of good about democracy and human rights. [Captain Rana blamed democracy for traffic action against him when his vehicle was disturbing the flow on the road.) It seems that they are trained to behave against human dignity.

This is not an entirely new incident of army men beating policemen. Even before the army was mobilized against the Maoists, I used to hear numerous incidents in which soldiers would secretely come out of the barracks and beat ‘danthes’ (the one with lathis) and go back to the barracks escaping any action against them. And senior officers in the barracks would save their brat soldiers saying that they were inside the barracks in that particular time of the day (or night) to save themselves from embarrassment.

As reported in the newspapers, this particular incident has raised serious concerns about the effectieness of the chain of command in Nepal Army. Has that been collapsed completely? If not, how could an drunken officer who was on leave go back to the barrack and come out with three dozens of armed soldiers along with two vehicles and go on rampage in a police office? How can the army leadership assure us, the Nepali people, that no frustrated officer would revolt against the command and sabotage the peace process? This is not the first incident of serious failure in army chain of command by the way. We have already seen the worst consequence of failure in chain of command in the form of Nagarkot a few months ago.


Pyar Jung Thapa Ignores Commission

Just as the army gundagardi came to the knowledge of the public, Pyar Jung Thapa, the chief of Nepal Army, has blatantly ignored a summon by High Level Investigation Commission that is looking into the suppression of Jana Andolan II. Thapa was to appear to day in the judicial commission but he went to Pokhara today sending a letter to the commission on the last minute in which he has said that he is going to Pokhara in a pre-scheduled program.

Hell with that pre-scheduled program. This is an open challenge by the army chief, who was recommended to be suspended by the commission but the government didn’t, to the commission constituted by the government formed after the Peoples’ Movement. People of Nepal have gone through enough humiliation when they saw parliament, instead of suspending Thapa, administering oath to him. Now is the time the government should decide something concrete on Thapa. If Thapa has gut, he should go for a coup (and Nepali people will do whatever is needed to do) or obey the orders of the peoples’ government. The status quo can’t continue.


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