Peace Process Politics: Questions

Cease fire extended but why aren’t Maoists allowing internally displaced people to go back to villages?…. Last Friday’s talks were cancelled because the SPA leaders realized that they hadn’t done enough homework…Excuse me…Peace talks is not your old school class room.

By Dinesh Wagle
Wagle’s Web Log

There are so many questions arising in my mind regarding the most important political development in the country. What is latest on the peace process? Where exactly the process has reached at? What is happening with the Interim Constitution Draft Committee? What will happen now in political scenario? Two days ago, members of civil society, who jointly agitated with Seven Party Alliance against the royal autocracy, launched fresh rallies intending to warn the ruling SPA. What will be the impact of those rallies at a time when members of parliament (from SPA) have started condemning civil society members for being too quick to voice their protest? Where will this fresh division lead? Today’s Kantipur publishes a Reader’s Letter in which the writer details Maoist activities that are clearly against the code of conduct agreed by both the rebels and the government. The writer asks to the member of civil society why they aren’t protesting those Maoist activities. Yes, why?

Second round of high level talks scheduled for last Friday was abruptly cancelled because the SPA leaders realized that they hadn’t done enough homework on how to present themselves at the table. Excuse me, you didn’t find time to do homework? Peace talks is not your old school class room where you folks used to cheat teachers most of the times and get failed in the exams. This is about running a nation damn it. What is the status of homework by the SPA? What is the deadline for that homework to be finished? It can’t go on and on, can it? If it were like that, these leaders would extend the deadline forever because they want to rule the country forever. They are already acting like as if they will be continuing this government for the two decades. Why the government is taking so much time to move the peace process forward? Continue reading Peace Process Politics: Questions