Football World Cup and Nepal Peaceball Cup

The game of Nepali politics: Listen to Prachanda and you can see the Indian influence in Nepali Maoists

By Dinesh Wagle
Wagle’s Web Log

It’s the season of Football and the World Cup is getting all the attention from fans around the world. I am also following the game putting aside my sweet sleep: Favorites Brazil shockingly lost to Zinedine Zidane’s France folks last night disheartening me but making my brother very happy. The clash between England and Portugal was even more interesting (my favorites Portuguese won!). But the game of Nepali politics is no less interesting at all. Nepal can’t play the game but it has amazingly turned into the playground where the England, India and the United States are playing the Peaceball. Continue reading Football World Cup and Nepal Peaceball Cup

Nepali Village Story: Maoists Not For Us But Better Than Army

Jay Bahadur Gajmer...story of a Nepali village

Jaya Bahadur Gajmer, a blacksmith, with his grandson and brother Khadga Bahadur Gajmer (left). Both brothers were beaten up by the patrolling soldiers. All pics by Wagle

By Dinesh Wagle in Duragaun (Ramechhap)
Wagle Street Journal

When I reached at the home of Jaya Bahadur Gajmer, a blacksmith, along with two Americans, the family, busy in taking care of beans, greeted me with surprise. This family, I knew, was working for my family for generations and today I was not there as an employer but as a reporter who wanted to know their version of the changes and sufferings in the village life. “ God,” said an astonished Dil Maya Gajmer, the wife of Jaya, after about 15 minutes of our visit to the family. “Hajur lai ta maile sana bahun po bhanthaneki ahilesamma. I was taking you as your younger brother. Now I recognize you.” This explains my detachment to the village. Even though I spent little time in village, an introvert by nature, I rarely mingled with villagers regardless of their cast. (Talking about the cast, I really hated the discrimination ever since I knew about it.) Continue reading Nepali Village Story: Maoists Not For Us But Better Than Army