Nepal Budget : Finance Minister in Catch-22 Situation

Finance Minister needs divine intervention to activate the slackened economy and find requisite resources to finance his ‘rural-centric’ and path-breaking’ budget.

By Chattra Bahadur
An Analysis. UWB received this article in email.

Whereas the rest of the SPA (Seven Party Alliance) are jubilant of the victory over the ‘autocratic’ and ‘repressive’ royal regime, Finance Minister Ram Sharan Mahat must be burning midnight oil trying to figure the way out of the mess that he finds himself in. He had chosen easy way earlier and placed blame on the previous regime for the current economic mess by issuing ‘white paper’ on the condition of the Nepalese economy as soon as he became the finance minister. However, he may soon run out of options to pass the buck and absolve himself of any responsibility. Continue reading Nepal Budget : Finance Minister in Catch-22 Situation