Understanding Nepalese Politics: Playing the Game of Peace

The Maoists have adopted a simple strategy and are exploiting the current situation to the hilt.

By Chattra Bahadur
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The great ‘peace-ball’ has finally started rolling with the declaration of the 8-point understanding between the SPA and the Maoist leadership before the Prime Minister flew to Bangkok for medical check-up and treatment. The immediate outcome of this declaration was a formation of a committee to draft the Interim Constitution with a time-limit of 15 days. The Interim Constitution is to pave way for the Maoists to join the Interim government to hold elections to the Constituent Assembly. Secondly, the 8-point agreement also accommodated the long-standing Maoists’ demand to dissolve the reinstated Parliament after promulgation of the Interim Constitution and formation of the Interim government; in return, the Maoists agreed to dissolve the People’s government (Jana Sarkar). Though the media had reported that the government will be requesting the UN for its assistance in decommissioning arms, the 8-point agreement has not thrown much light in the issue of arms management. Continue reading Understanding Nepalese Politics: Playing the Game of Peace