Bringing Nepal Army Under People: American Perspective

Mike Bailey address the video conference
Mike Bailey, a retired US army colonel addresses a video conference from Washington DC organized by the American Center in Kathmandu. Pic by Sudhir Mahat via US Embassy.

By Dinesh Wagle

After the historic May 18 Parliamentary Declaration, the process of brining the military under the civilian control has started (though shockingly very slowly). The declaration stripped king off the post of Supreme Commander of the Royal Nepal Army and changed the name of the organization to Nepal Army. Plain and simple. But apart from the cosmetic one, there has no any substantial change taken place in the Nepal Army since the declaration. At least we don’t know what’s going on in that front. We are seeing Pyar Jung Thapa, the Chief of the Army Staff, hanging around in the Kathmandu International Airport and we just saw the chief of the Bhairabnath Battalian Rajendra Jung Kharti telling the court in writing that the battalion had never arrested nor detained Chetnath Dhungana. (Read what United Nations OHCHR had to say about the Battalion in their investigation report made public last month: Part 1 and Part 2). People believe that without firing a few dozen generals who are loyal to the tyrannical force in the country, the process of reforming the army will not get momentum. Continue reading Bringing Nepal Army Under People: American Perspective